Mission Statement



The Inverness County Council of the Arts  (ICCA) is essential to our community. We create an environment where art and cultural activity can flourish, and we promote artistic expression and accessibility for all. We are highly regarded for the quality of our programming and are a sustainable, well-managed organization.



ICCA operates the Inverness County Centre for the Arts and provides artistic programming and activities both on-site and off-site for artists, residents, and visitors of all ages.   We support our communities and their growth by building on deep artistic traditions and creating exciting new artistic experiences to enrich lives, provide enjoyment, and strengthen social and economic well being.



The Inverness County Council for the Arts is mandated to:

  • Maintain and operate the Inverness County Centre for the Arts;
  • Provide artistic programming for residents and visitors of all ages;
  • Support the careers and livelihoods of professional artists by providing opportunities to showcase, promote, and generate revenue from their work;
  • Celebrate and promote artists and artistic activity from our region including sub-cultures and diverse groups that are otherwise under-represented;
  • Provide visual arts and other arts discipline activity through exhibitions, performances, readings, workshops, classes, lectures or other means;
  • Provide additional artistic and cultural activity in other disciplines that complement and enhance our primary focus;
  • Bring art from other regions to our communities to introduce new ideas, build skills, and expand understanding;
  • Provide educational and experiential opportunities to make artistic participation and learning accessible to all;
  • Partner with private, public and peer organizations to support mutual growth and development;
  • Participate as part of the integrated arts community in our county;
  • Raise funds as required to ensure the sustainability of our activity;


VALUES – We value:

  • Service to our communities;
  • Sound management and fiscal responsibility;
  • Accessibility, inclusivity, and openness to all;
  • Art and culture as essential to individual and community life;
  • Both traditional and new artistic practices;
  • Cooperation and partnership;
  • Art from any global source that represents place and spirit, and is found to be moving and motivational.