Call for Participants – HOT POTATO

Hot Potato is returning to Inverness County Centre for the Arts!



As part of Hot Potato 2017/18, young people and adult artists collaborated and shared ideas to create a fantastic array of extraordinary artworks. In 2018/19 we will continue this project, extending to include up to 40 pairs, beginning in October 2018 and ending with a month long exhibition in May 2019.

The purpose of this project is to encourage young people in creative endeavours, and to welcome them to ICCA. The focus of the project is primarily upon having fun, creating art, and meeting with other artists.


Project outline

We are inviting both young and adult artists to participate in this joint creative project. The structure of the project is as follows:

  1. Young participants will be paired with an adult artist.
  2. The young artist will create a piece of artwork (any medium).
  3. The young artist will then meet with their adult partner artist and discuss their work.
  4. The adult artist will create a piece (any medium) in response to the young person’s work.
  5. The two will meet again and discuss the adult artist’s piece.
  6. The young artist will create one more artwork in response to the adult’s work.

All three pieces will be displayed in the gallery at ICCA, along with artist statements from the adult and young artists. All participating artists, their families and friends will be invited to an opening party.



ICCA believes in offering high quality arts programming to all young people. Hot Potato is offered free of charge to all young participants, and a small discretionary fund is available for families who may have difficulty sourcing or providing art materials.


Adult artists will be paid a stipend of $250.


Who is eligible to participate?

Young artists:

  • Must be under 18 years of age (no minimum age)
  • Must live in Inverness County
  • Must have consent of parent/guardian
  • Parents/guardians must be willing to be present whilst young artist meets with adult artist, in person, on two occasions.
  • Parents/guardians must be willing to undertake all communications between young and adult artists.
  • Can work in any medium or discipline (visual art/craft/music/dance/fashion/video/writing/other)

Adult artists:

  • Must be over 18 years of age (no maximum age)
  • Must be willing to meet with a young artist and their parent/guardian, in person, on two occasions
  • Must understand that they are responding to, and discussing with, a young artist. They are not teaching their partner.
  • Must be comfortable communicating with young people.
  • Must undertake all scheduling communication with their young partner through the parent/guardian.
  • Can be working in any media or discipline (visual art/craft/music/dance/fashion/video/writing/other)


Further details

If you have any questions, please email [email protected]

Download an application form here: 2019 Application – Hot Potato


Featured artwork by Adèle Deveaux.


Inverness County Centre for the Arts recognizes the support of the Province of Nova Scotia through the Department of Communities, Culture & Heritage. We are pleased to work in partnership with the Culture Division to develop and promote our culturalresources for all Nova Scotians.