Lumière Presents: Handmade Pasta Workshop and Supper with Tonia Di Risio

With the prevalence of cookbooks, food blogs, culinary magazines and celebrity chefs, there exists a growing preoccupation with the consumption of food. Di Risio does not claim to present a definitive way to prepare food but rather engage people in intensive discussions and activities about food.

Handmade Pasta Workshop will be held from 1:00-3:00PM. Workshop is free but space is limited. Contact [email protected] or the art centre 902-258-2533 to register. Pasta Supper at 6:00PM. All are welcome.

Handmade Pasta Workshop and Supper is part of a wider Food/Communities Project coordinated in partnership between the Inverness County Centre for the Arts, CBU’s Cooperative Study Club and Lumière as a way to address issues around food security and community building.

Multimedia artist, Tonia Di Risio has exhibited across Canada. She is a member of the Red Head Gallery and part of Alchemy, an artist residency devoted to exploring the synergy between art and cooking. A resident of Halifax for 15 years, Di Risio relocated to Ontario in 2012.