InFlux Festival

Date(s) - Sunday, August 27th 2017
All Day

Inverness County Centre for the Arts


On August 27th, InFlux Festival will present a full day event featuring music, storytelling and ideas stages alongside a visual arts exhibition. Drawing on and expanding upon a season on workshops and events, InFlux Festival will celebrate the arts, music, cultures and communities in Inverness County.

InFlux Festival is a summer celebration of the arts in Inverness County. Throughout the summer, InFlux will offer music events and local artists will lead workshops in visual arts, traditional crafts, storytelling and dance. On August 27th, InFlux Festival will present a full day event, bringing together workshop leaders and participants, music, storytelling and dance as we celebrate the rich cultures, communities and artistic presence in Inverness County.

With a focus on local performers, InFlux Festival will feature music, ideas and storytelling stages; visual arts exhibition; and discussion area to amalgamate and highlight a season of events and workshops at Inverness County Centre for the Arts.

Drawing from the expertise of the communities of Inverness county to showcase and celebrate our individual and shared creative culture.