Intangible is a curated exhibition, an explorations of pattern and texture by nine women working in print. (Outer Gallery)

Over the last three years printmakers Maria Doering and Julie Rosvall have had the opportunity to organize and hang dozens of printmaking exhibitions as volunteers of the Nova Scotia Printmakers.  Both quietly noticed how often printmakers with vastly different imagery and techniques were creating works that naturally fit together in a gallery setting.  Small details in form or colour brought a collection together, without any consultation or collaboration happening between the artists working in different parts of the province.

Intangible is a curated exhibition of works in print by nine printmakers, all members of the Nova Scotia printmakers, ranging from emerging to master printmakers, all women.  Each piece within the show explores pattern and texture, and all have that sometimes intangible factor, that natural fit.  The prints on display use a variety of fine printmaking techiques, including soft ground etchings, relief prints of found objects, linocut prints, lithography, and solar plate etchings.

Printmakers exhibiting as part of Intangible are: Bonnie Baker, Mellisa Charbeneau, Cecil Day, Suzanne Gauthier, Jay Leblanc, Meggie Richards, Julie Rosvall, and Charley Young.

Intangible will fill the outer gallery of the Inverness County Centre for the Arts for the month of June, and runs concurrently with the Nova Scotia Printmakers’ EXTREMEs exhibition, on display in the main gallery.  

Join the Nova Scotia Printmakers for the opening of EXTREMEs and Intangibles on Saturday, May 27th, 2-5pm, at the Inverness County Centre for the Arts.

About the Nova Scotia Printmakers

The Nova Scotia Printmakers promote original prints regionally, nationally & internationally through workshops, demonstrations & exhibitions. 

The Nova Scotia Printmakers is an informal body of professional printmakers and individuals with a more general interest in the printmaking media, sharing a common concern for printmaking and the desire to promote Nova Scotia prints and printmakers. Founded in 1988, the NS Printmakers Association, renamed NS Printmakers in 2014, provides a voice connecting printmakers in the region, educates the public on both traditional and experimental forms of print media, and organizes regular exhibits to show the work of memberships.