EXTREMEs includes works that range in size from etchings on handmade paper 3.5” x 3.5”, up to a 19’ by 15’ frottage of a building on fabric.  Exhibiting largescale prints alongside equally engaging small works will show the extremes that printmakers can go to create artwork.   Intricate imagery created entirely using carefully placed metal letterpress ornaments, textiles knit, etched, and printed to transfer the pattern to paper, all alongside carefully rendered images drawn, carved, engraved, silkscreened or etched.

“Love is Mean, and Love Hurts” by Erin Hollingshead

Printmakers exhibiting as part of EXTREMEs are: Tina Arsenault, Sara AvMaat, Bonnie Baker, Diana Baldwin, Mark Bovey, Diane Cardoso, Cecil Day, Maria Doering, Suzanne Gauthier, Hannah Genosko, Kate Georgallas, Carlos Gomez, Bob Hainstock, Dyan Hatanaka, Erin Hollingshead, Carloe Liu, Deborah Maurer, Bob Morouney, Tony Myers, Linda Oickle, David Power, Diane Rosati, Julie Rosvall, Tamsin Sloots, Anna Syperek, Kristina Vermeulen, Sally Warren, and Charley Young.

“Sunflower” by Linda Oickle

EXTREMEs will fill the main gallery of the Inverness County Centre for the Arts for the month of June, and runs concurrently with the Nova Scotia Printmakers’ curated exhibition Intangible, on display in the outer gallery.

Members of the Nova Scotia Printmakers are invited to submit works on paper. If you are not a current member, you can join or renew at  http://www.nsprintmakers.ca/?page_id=11

Opening reception: Saturday, May 27 2 -4 pm.