UNSPOKEN CODE film screening

Set slightly in the future, Rhonda is an advanced AI robot designed to be the next generation of sophisticated technology. Her goal is to exceed all expectations.  Her fear is that she will be just another expendable machine. The first phase of development for the AI is to learn emotional IQ and Rhonda finds herself in the home of Louie, a grumpy,  broken man who has his own ideas about how to use Rhonda around the house. Between housekeeping and other, more intimate roles demanded of her,  Rhonda discovers the grand piano. As she navigates the hostile and confusing environment with Louie,  the piano becomes her hope. She is determined to learn how to play. The idea of jazz as a measure of humanness runs throughout the story, tracking Rhonda’s journey to develop herself and framing the conversation about what makes us human.  Rhonda ultimately finds herself caught between developing her own AI to its full potential and her coding, which programs her to please, with devastating consequences.
Jen Schwerin is an independent filmmaker working in North America and China. In the US, Jen made documentaries that aired on HBO and PBS. In China, Jen created the first Mainland Chinese short films for MTV, produced a channel on Chinese television and makes her own films. She has won numerous awards for her short films and has written several feature scripts. Her most recent short film, Unspoken Code, won Best Short Film at the Female Eye Film Festival in Toronto, and Best Drama at the Beijing Indie Short Film Festival.