Inside Me: a fabric installation by artist and printmaker Maria Doering

“Making the surface transparent; breaking down the borders where the inside begins and the outside ends; pulling the inside out; letting the inside become the surface that inhabits the environment; these are all considerations, processes and techniques by which I am trying to understand the entity that is me.” – Maria Doering
The “Inside Me” fabric installation brings the image of the body’s mystical interior to the public eye, it invades the public space. It asks the viewer to consider the consequences. What does it look like if our inside would become our living space. Would it be threatening? Claustrophobic? Or would we feel liberated and see it growing like a beautiful plant? Would it be ornate and static or pulsing and alive?
“Inside Me” is constructed from fabric that is printed double sided with ball grain plate lithography, a meticulous printmaking process that takes full body involvement. Then each piece of fabric is sewn and stuffed into bulbous formations that get pinned together and stretched over shapes of chicken wire. Each time “Inside Me” is constructed it changes and adapts to the space and environment around it.