Port Hoodlums II – Bob Martin, Steve Rankin, Romeo Martin June 7 – 28

The Inverness County Centre for the Arts is proud to present “Port Hoodlums II,” an exhibit of Port Hood photographers Steve Rankin, Romeo Martin, and Bob Martin. Opening June 7th in Inverness, Cape Breton this exhibition showcases photographs of picturesque Cape Breton Island and reveals the unique vision of each of the artists.

“Photography allows me to capture the beautiful moments of Cape Breton Island and it’s people”

Steve Rankin
Steve Rankin is a 31 year old, self taught photographer from Mabou, Nova Scotia. After spending a decade in Halifax, Steve’s love for beautiful Cape Breton Island has drawn him back home. Steve explores the landscapes of Cape Breton capturing the extraordinary in the seemingly ordinary. Steve’s work has been featured in Saltscapes Magazine and Calendar, Celtic Life International Magazine, The Chronicle Herald, and The Inverness Oran. His images also frequent Global Morning News in Halifax. You can follow Steve’s photographic adventures at www.facebook.com/SteveRankinPhotography and www.steverankinphotography.com.

“Photography allows me to capture the beautiful moments of Cape Breton Island and it’s people,” says Rankin. “I look for the light where others may find darkness. My favorite part is the moments of solitude you can find while exploring this wonderful island. The work included in the show will be a broad sampling of mostly Inverness county scenes, that I have captured in the last few years right up to images captured weeks before the show.”

Romeo Martin
For 35 years, Romeo Martin has shot commercial works from fashion to furniture in Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Paris to name a few. Upon his move to Nova Scotia, his priorities have shifted to his artistic side.
Classic and timeless, the work spans a range of styles. He captures the beauty and mystery that is often hidden in everyday scenes including coastal, landscapes, architecture, nature, Paris and more.
Romeo’s work is known for it’s technical mastery and for it’s ability to capture unique moments and expressions of light.

Bob Martin
Bob Martin has spent most of his life behind the camera, but a little over a year ago he found himself on the other side of the lens when he became one of the first victims of convicted pedophile Ernest Fenwick MacIntosh to publicly identify himself. Last November, Bob collaborated with Beyond Borders on the creation of a full-page ad that appeared in Nova Scotia’s Chronicle Herald newspaper, calling on the provincial government to amend its controversial Limitation of Actions Act — an ad which political analyst Graham Steele called, “The most powerful political ad that I have frankly ever seen.” In January, upon hearing that MacIntosh had been arrested in Nepal on similar charges, Bob launched an email campaign, blanketing Nepalese police, prosecutors and media with documentation, translated into Nepalese, outlining MacIntosh’s history — a move which he was told played a key role in MacIntosh’s speedy conviction and sentencing.
Bob Martin, a Port Hawkesbury native, has been serving the people of Eastern Nova Scotia since 1979. He started his business in the days of the darkroom and moved forward to state-of-the-art color processing labs until the digital era changed the photography film landscape. Bob has his Masters in Photographic Arts. Bob and his wife Lynn live on the ocean in Port Hood.
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